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Who Am I

Currently the Global Head of Healthcare at Brillio, I am a strategic Senior Executive with experience in Digital Consulting, Customer Experience, and Product Strategy. My passion is to solve complex problems and focus on driving innovation that can provide affordable care to people across the globe. I am also an advocate for Women in Tech and the importance of elevating women to leadership positions in the tech and healthcare industries.

What I Do

My work is primarily focused on innovating and crafting Digital Strategy Roadmaps and building solutions to drive automation for clients in the Healthcare, Banking, CPG, and Telecom sectors. I have led territory development, CxO relationships, P&L management, solution/service line development, and global delivery functions in business and IT consulting.

My Top Interests

  • Automation and AI Strategy Development & Execution
  • New Product Innovation/Growth
  • Driving Affordable Care
  • Women in Tech

About Brillio

Founded in 2014, Brillio is an IT company that delivers the technology-enabled solutions their customers need to thrive in today’s digital economy. They help their customers accelerate what matters to their business by leveraging their expertise in agile engineering to bring human-centric products to market at warp speed. Born in the digital age, Brillio enables its customers to not only improve their current performance but to rethink their business in entirely new ways.

  • 1000 Clients Assisted
  • 4 Industries Served
  • 15 Years in the Field


  • Sandhya Balakrishnan

    I strongly believe that we should not hesitate to be our own advocate.

  • Alyssa Lifrieri

    Historically, women have been underrepresented in the STEM roles. But we continue to make huge contributions and advancements and have served as role models for younger generations. Women, just like men have a unique perspective and should be recongnized for the value they bring to the technology world. It is so important to be seen as an example to others in leadership roles and techies roles that haven't typically been 'cool' in the past.


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